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My device slows down when using Kosy.
My device slows down when using Kosy.
Tips to lower CPU and memory usage that may slow down your device.
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If your device slows down while you are using Kosy, we have a couple of tips to lower the impact Kosy has on the CPU and memory usage of your device.

First of all; we need to make sure Kosy is the cause of the problem.
Open the Task Manager (windows: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) or Activity Monitor (mac: CMD+ALT+ESC).

If the Kosy app is showing high values compared to other applications; try out following tips to lower Kosy's impact on your device.

  • Turn off video to save resources, or use our newly released feature in the Meeting view to reduce the number of videos visible during a meeting.

  • We suggest limiting each space to about ~50 people for the best performance

  • When you are not actively using Kosy, minimize it, this shuts down a lot of the visual processes, including video download.

  • If you have a lot of custom images uploaded, this can also raise your memory usage and slow down your device. Consider deleting a few and keeping only those that are necessary.

If none of these tips work or feel applicable to your situation, and your device's specs meet the requirements, please contact us on with any information you can provide us (ex timestamp, user, device/browser information).
We are constantly looking to improve our stability and performance, so your input is highly valued to us.

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