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How do I pin a link or file on the floor?
How do I pin a link or file on the floor?
Can I add a pinned link, a shortcut or a file to my office floor?
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If you would like to add a link or a file to the floor, follow these steps!

  • Click the “Share link” button in the media controller, paste the link and click “Open and Pin”.
    If you would like to pin an uploaded file, first click "File or image" at the top of the popup.

  • You now receive a pop-up where you can confirm the link, and set a custom name.

  • Your link appears as a little node beside you on the floor. You can click it to see it’s actions. You can view, edit, move and delete!

  • For your convenience, all pinned links are available in the Gallery View selection dropdown. So they are never far off!

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