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Multiple spaces guide
Multiple spaces guide
A guide to multiple spaces/floors in your kosy office
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If you would like to split up your Kosy office into multiple spaces because it is too crowded, you would like a different space for different teams/classes, or for any other reason without having to create a whole new office; this is now possible with multiple spaces.

Creating multiple spaces

Click your organization icon at the bottom left of the screen. This opens a small menu where you can see all the spaces your organization currently has.
Click "Add new space" at the bottom of the menu.

You will now be able to choose a template and then a name for your new space. After you have done this, you will automatically be transported to the new space, and you can edit its floor as you see fit.

Editing and deleting your spaces

Click the Settings (gear icon) at the left side of the screen, this will open a new window. Click the 'Spaces' tab.

You can set a new default home space by clicking the round checkmark beside the desired space. When you set a new home space, this will be the space that all users will arrive at when they open the office.

This will be overridden if you set a specific room as your home base! You will always arrive at your home base if you set one.

You can delete or rename a space as well by clicking the respective button beside the space you want to edit.

You can also create a new space from this window.

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