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My desktop app isn't updating to the newest version
My desktop app isn't updating to the newest version
The desktop app should update automatically, but it's not.
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To ensure you get the best experience out of the Kosy app, it will need to be updated regularly so you can enjoy all the recent updates and fixes.

If you receive following message, it means your app hasn't been updated automatically recently, and you will have to do it manually. (don't worry, even now it should mostly go automatically!)

When you click 'update', you will download a new installer that will update your app to the latest version.
To be safe, first uninstall your old kosy client and then install the new one.

If all goes well, from now on you will receive the update notification from following section.

A new update is ready to install

When a new version of the app is available, you will get a notification when you start up the Kosy app.

First of all, the app needs to be closed entirely before it will be updated.
This means the app will not be updated if you put your laptop or computer in sleep mode and leave the Kosy app on.

For mac users: please take note that closing an app by clicking the red button does NOT close the app. You need to close the app entirely by clicking "Kosy Office" in the bar at the top of your screen and select 'Exit'. Or by pushing the command + Q buttons while the Kosy App is opened.

I'm still having problems!

If you are still having a problem while updating your app; you can consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app entirely.

Updating may not work well on older computers, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about that from our side. We highly recommend using Kosy on devices and OS from 2016 or newer.

If you need additional help, send us a message using the 'Support & Feedback' in Kosy or by sending us an email at
Please let us know the OS you are using, and provide us with as much info you can provide.

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