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I'm having trouble using Kosy on my browser
I'm having trouble using Kosy on my browser
Kosy doesn't work well on the browser I'm using
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If you are experiencing problems or have the feeling Kosy is not running well on the browser you are using, please keep in mind the following:

Kosy is optimized to be used in Chrome on both Windows and Mac devices, and we highly recommend using Chrome to run Kosy. After Chrome, we recommend using Edge.

Because of Safari's limited memory, it is not ideal to run Kosy. This problem is unfortunately entirely out of our hands.

If you are having problems that severely impact your experience with Kosy, and are not willing to use a different browser; consider using the Kosy App instead.

Feel free to send us any problems you are experiencing along with which Browser you are using to, as we do strive to make Kosy accessible and a fun experience for everyone.

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