To add you own noticeboard or easel with custom links, follow these steps.

  • Open the Floor Designer by clicking the brush icon at the left side panel.

  • Select the "Interactive" tab at the top of the Floor Designer panel.

  • Choose the Noticeboard or Easel and either click it, or drag it towards the floor.

Now the Noticeboard or Easel will be visible on your floor, and a new special tab will be opened in the Floor Designer Panel.
Here you can choose to add your own link to the asset, or to have it behave like a regular decoration without function.

So, to add your own link click 'Embed website', and type or paste the desired link into the Website URL input field.

Some inspiration of URLs to enter:

  • Images (Paste a direct link towards an image)

  • Google docs, sheets,...

  • Website of company, partners,...

  • Collaboration tools

  • ...

After entering the URL, you can enter a Title for the noticeboard that will show up on the floor. This is optional however, so you can leave this field empty.

The last feature of this asset, is an option to open the URL in a window inside of Kosy.

If you don't want the URL to open in a window in Kosy, and instead want it to open in a separate tab; uncheck the "Open window in Kosy" checkbox.

Additionally, not all URLs will be able to be displayed in this way. So if you see the following image it doesn't mean that the URL is invalid; it will just have to be opened in a different tab.
In this case, also uncheck the checkbox.

After doing this and saving your floor, go and check out your new board!

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