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How can I be reminded to use Kosy?
How can I be reminded to use Kosy?
I want to use kosy, but I sometimes forget to open it.
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You would like to use Kosy more, but don't always remember to open it up, or accidentally close it while closing your browser and forget to open it up again.

Here are a couple of points that may be of use to and your team to use Kosy on a daily basis.

  1. Bookmark your Kosy Office and drag the link towards the front of the bookmarks. This way, you will automatically see it more often and be reminded to open it up.

  2. Organize a morning meeting with your team, so you are encouraged to open up the Office at the start of the day.

  3. Enable the App to start every time you boot up your computer.
    You can do this by opening your Kosy app, click the "gear" button at the left side of the screen, select the "Desktop App" tab in the pop-up that opens, and making sure the checkbox beside "Automatically launch" is checked.

  4. Set up your browser so every time you open it, it opens your Kosy office in a tab. This way, even if you close your browser, it will always be reopened automatically.

  5. Enable notifications inside Kosy, so when you accidentally close Kosy or forget to open it; you will get a desktop notification when someone messages you or nudges you.

    Open settings by clicking the Gear icon in the left side panel. Click Notifications in the pop-up, and check the checkbox to enable browser notifications.
    It may be possible that at an earlier date, you declined browser notifications fro Kosy. If that is the case, you will need to enable them by clicking the 'lock' icon in the URL bar of your browser.

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