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Invite guests into the office
Invite guests into the office
How to invite a guest without having to make an account.
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Guests are temporary accounts that can visit your office without having to sign up with an email.

To see which functions a guest account has, refer to following article.

To invite a guest into the office, follow these steps.

Click the "Add teammates" button in the top left corner of the screen, or at the bottom of the user panel.

This opens a pop-up window. Select the second tab 'Guest (limited access).
Copy and share the link with the people you want to invite. Multiple people can use the same link.

When a guest uses this link, they will require your permission to enter the office.
You will get a notification where you can accept or decline a guest's request.
If you missed the notification or receive multiple ones, they will be collected in the notification center at the left side of the screen.

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