Guests are special accounts that don't need the person to sign up with their email address, and they have certain limitations; for example a guest account does not have access to the floor designer, so they can not change the layout of your floor.

To invite a guest to your floor,
- Click the 'AddTeammates' button in the top right side of the screen if available,
- Or open the People Panel on the left side of the screen, and click the 'Add Teammates' button from there.

This will open up a small pop-up window.
Select the second tab 'Guest (limited access).
This will generate an invite link that you can send to your guests. This link can be used multiple times by different people.

When a guest uses this link, they will require your permission to enter the office.
You will get a notification where you can accept or decline a guest's request.
If you missed the notification or receive multiple ones, they will be collected in the notification center at the left side of the screen.

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