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How can I book a room in Kosy?
How can I book a room in Kosy?
booking a room
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At this time, it is not possible to book rooms within Kosy itself, but you can use your calendar app to help with this.

Booking a room using Google Suite

To get started, make sure you have administrator access to Google Workspace.

Please also note that only paid accounts have access to resource calendars so a personal Gmail account won't work.

Go to the administrator panel in Google and select "Apps" > "Google Workspace > "Calendar."


Under the Calendar menu, you’ll see a section for Resources management. Click on it.


From there you can add or edit existing resource calendars in Google. When you add a new resource, you can specify the type. Use something general such as “ Kosy Meeting Room.”


Now, when you book events in Google Calendar you will be able to invite rooms to your meetings, effectively booking them in the process. Rooms reserved at the time of creating an event won't show up in the list by default. This prevents double booking, which isn't fun for anyone.


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