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I'm having problems with Remote Desktop
I'm having problems with Remote Desktop
I'm having troubles with sound, camera and microphone using remote access desktop
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If you can't hear your colleagues, and can't use your camera while you are using remote access desktop, follow these steps to solve your problem.

  • Search 'Remote Desktop Connection'

  • Click 'Show Options'

  • Click the tab "Local Resources", and click 'Settings' under the 'Remote Audio' sub

  • Select options "Play on this computer" and "Record from this computer" and click OK to confirm.

  • For camera, go towards the same "Local Resources" tab, and click "More..." under the 'Local devices and resources' sub.

  • Select 'Video capture devices', this will select all camera's connected to your device.

  • Click OK to confirm.

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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