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How do I edit my office floor?
How do I edit my office floor?
A guide to editing your kosy office floor and the rooms inside.
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To edit your office floor, click the paint brush icon in the left side panel of the screen. This will open the Design Center panel.

Important: all changes are saved automatically; so be careful!

There are three tabs in the design center; Rooms, Interactive and Decorative.

Each tab has a number of objects inside of them. You can click an object to add it to your floor, or you can drag and drop it on your floor.

  • Decorative: All of the objects in here are purely for decoration and dressing up your office! You can also upload your own image here!

  • Interactive: All the objects here have a function. You can find whiteboards here, music players, equip-able floaties and pets that can follow you around.

  • Rooms: These are template rooms, ready for you to use. You can also find empty rooms that you can decorate yourself.

Custom images

You can upload your own images to use as decoration in your office, think of your office logo for example. You can find this option in the "decorative" tab in the Design center.

Keep in mind a few things when uploading your own images:
- There is a file size limit of 500Kb per image
- Supported file types are PNG and JPG.
- At this point, these are decorative only.

Warning! Please be careful with the amount of custom images you use! If you use too many custom images, this will raise the memory usage of your device and slow down performance!!
If you feel like your device is slowing down while using kosy or you are having unexplained crashes on a mac device, and you have a lot of custom images; consider cutting back a few and using only those that are necessary.

Landing Zone

Each floor has a Landing zone. Each account that accesses this floor will land in this spot. You can drag it around to a different place, but not delete it as it is a required element of the floor.

There are two exceptions of when a user will not appear at this spot.
- When you have refreshed or closed and reopened Kosy within the last 5 minutes; you will appear at the spot you were last.
- If you have saved a specific room to be your Home Base. You will always appear there instead of the landing zone.

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