To edit your office floor, click the paint brush icon in the bottom left of the screen. You have to be on the floor to access this feature, it is disabled while you are seated at a conversation zone. This will open the Design Office panel.

There are three tabs in the design office; Interactive, Decorative and Spaces.

Each tab has a number of objects inside of them. You can click an object to add it to your floor, or you can drag and drop it on your floor.

  • Interactive: Each object in this category has a function that you can access by pressing space while in the vicinity of that object. For some objects, you can press 'esc' to leave or unequip it.

  • Decorative: These objects are there for decoration and to make your office come alive.

  • Spaces: Basically, these spaces can function as the floors for rooms, corridors, courtyards, anything you need in your office.

Landing Zone

Each floor has a Landing zone. Each account that accesses this floor will land in this spot. You can drag it around to a different place, but not delete it as it is a required element of the floor.

Media Controller

The Floor Designer has a specific media controller with unique features.

  • The first buttons are to zoom in or out on the floor.

  • Click the button between the - and + button to enable a grid. You can make the grid larger or smaller by clicking the - and + buttons.

  • This is also where you can save your changes.

To leave without saving; click the arrow button in the top right of the design office panel. You will then have the option to continue editing, or leave without saving.


When you click an element on your floor, a toolbox will pop-up with the possibilities to edit that object. Different object can have different features in the toolbar.

Functions in this toolbar include:

  • Deleting the selected object

  • Renaming the selected object, only applicable for spaces, meeting spaces and stand-up rugs.

  • Rotating the selected object

  • Moving the selected object a layer back or forward

Interactive Objects

Let's take a closer look at the interactive objects.

  • Meeting spaces are conversation zones where multiple people can gather together and have meetings, conversations, work sessions and much more. You can enter a meeting space by standing in its vicinity and pressing space. You will then be seated in the conversation zone. All audio and other sharing will not be heard on the floor and vice versa.

  • Chairs are object where you can mildly interact with. When you press space while in the vicinity of a chair, your avatar will be placed on it.

  • Floaties are object that will be attached to your avatar and you can walk around with it. You can equip a floatie by pressing space while in its vicinity, and you can unequip and floatie by pressing esc.

  • Stand-up rugs are similar to meeting spaces, but instead of being seated around a table, you will stand in a circle.

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