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My device has trouble running Kosy
My device has trouble running Kosy
Why your device may have trouble while running Kosy.
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If you are having trouble running Kosy on your device or browser, it is possible they are not fully supported.

Make sure your device and browser fall in requirements listed below.

Operating Systems

  • Mac OSX with Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) or higher

  • Windows 10 or higher


  • Chrome (latest 2 versions) - Recommended for most stable connectivity for both Windows and Mac

  • Edge (latest 2 versions)


  • Minimum: 1.5GB of freeable memory.

  • Recommended: 2.5GB of freeable memory


  • Minimum: 2.2 GHz dual core i5

  • Recommended: 2.8 GHz quad-core i7


  • If using the browser version; webcam, microphone and audio output devices must be compatible with it.

  • Dual-bank RAM usage is preferred for optimal performance

  • The platform is found to often work on Linux systems and mobile devices as well - but they are not currently officially supported.

  • Kosy may have problems running on older devices, we recommend using devices no older than 2016.

  • VPN: If you turn on or off your VPN while Kosy is opened, please allow some time for the connection to stabilize. We recommend turning your VPN on before opening Kosy for immediate effect.

  • If you have a lot of custom images uploaded, this can also raise your memory usage and slow down your device. Consider deleting a few and keeping only those that are necessary.

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