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Video/Audio quality isn't good
Video/Audio quality isn't good
What to do when your video or audio quality is not good.
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If you are experiencing issues with the quality of your video or audio, there are a few things you can undertake.

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable.

  • If you are running many other tasks in the background, this could also affect audio and video quality. So see if you can close any unnecessary tasks.

The ideal network circumstances to run Kosy are as follows:
2.0 Mbps for smaller tables with video on (~6 people)
4.0 Mbps for larger tables with video on (~10 people)
6.0 Mbps for private conversations with video on, up to 10 people
0.2 Mbps for audio only (up to 10 people)

If the bandwidth is not available, Kosy will automatically attempt to reduce
video quality (reduce resolution and frame rate) to work within the
available bandwidth. In extreme cases, also audio quality may go down, and
turning off video should be considered.

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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