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I’m having trouble staying connected
I’m having trouble staying connected
You are experiencing trouble seeing the camera or hearing the microphone of someone else, or they can't hear or see yours.
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If you have trouble staying connected with your colleagues and you can't hear each other or can't see each other's camera, there are a few steps you can undertake.

  1. Refresh the page or app

  2. Check if your internet connection is stable

  3. If you turn on or off your VPN while Kosy is opened, please allow some time for the connection to stabilize. We recommend turning your VPN on before opening Kosy for immediate effect.

  4. Make sure your device and browser fulfills the requirements following this page.

  5. Make sure your VPN or Firewall allows Kosy following this page.

Often one of these options will solve the problem.

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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