In order to make sure you are connected with your teammates and notified of all the great activities happening, we have a notification system that sends you browser & system notification directly through your browser.

You can manually allow notifications by clicking the 'gear' icon in the left side panel, and then selecting 'Notification's in the pop-up. Make sure the checkbox is checked.

If you denied access to notifications, and this option is not showing in the profile menu anymore, try following next steps:

  • Click the 'lock' icon at the front of the URL bar and 'enable' notifications.

  • Mac & Windows users: Settings --> Privacy and security --> Site Settings --> Notifications and make sure that your Kosy website is not blocked. You can add your Kosy environment (e.g., in "added" websites to make sure you get all notifications.

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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