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My camera and/or microphone are not working
My camera and/or microphone are not working
Is your camera or microphone not working?
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If your camera or microphone is not working, first let's make sure that you are using the app or Chrome as your browser. Chrome provides optimal performance and stability on both Windows and Mac.

If you are using the app or Chrome, you need to make sure you've selected the right device.

Go to your account settings --> Audio & video settings (Bottom left of your screen) and make sure you've selected the right camera and microphone, if you leave it on 'no preference' Kosy will choose a device instead.


Empty Menu

If the menus are empty, you may have privacy settings preventing Kosy from accessing your devices. It's possible that earlier, you declined permissions.

You can click the 'lock' button at the start of the url bar to change your device permissions for Kosy.

Otherwise you can also go to the browser's settings to change permissions for the browser itself.

  • Mac: Go in System preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Privacy Tab --> Camera § Microphone and tick the box next to Chrome Browser to allow access

  • Windows: Start menu --> Settings --> Microphone / Camera--> Turn on Allow apps to access your Microphone / Camera

Other Application is using microphone or camera

If you can select a microphone and camera, but they are still not working, there is a possibility a different app is currently using it. Make sure to close these apps so they will not hog the devices from Kosy. These apps include:

  • Zoom

  • Teams

  • Slack (huddle)

  • Google meet

  • ...

Restart your browser or computer

Sometimes the browser itself can keep a microphone or camera locked by accident. This is usually resolved by fully shutting down the browser, ie closing all windows until none are open, then starting it up again.

If you have a habit of never shutting down your laptop or computer and leaving it on or putting it in sleep mode over long periods of time, crashed drivers or programs that hog memory over time can interfere with your computer's performance and influence Kosy's behavior.

Shutting it down and restarting can help solve these issues

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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