If you are having trouble seeing or hearing your colleagues, this is usually caused by the browser everyone is using.

For optimal performance, you should be using Chrome. Although you may be able to access Kosy, using other browsers (Safari, Mozilla, Edge), you will get the best performance using Chrome! The reason is the WebRTC protocol used in Google Chrome is a lot more powerful than other browsers, allowing you to have a strong and stable connection.

Still not working? A quick refresh should fix everything :-)

If you are sure that everyone is using Chrome and you are still experiencing connectivity issues, a quick refresh will fix 99% of issues. You can do so:

  • Mac: You can refresh your browser by pressing CTRL + R

  • Windows: You can refresh your browser by pressing CTRL + F5

If you are still experiencing issues, please send us an email at support@kosyoffice.com - our support team will get back to you quickly!

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